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I ran today and did calisthenics in the park in 19 degree weather.. My usual body mind maintanence. Today was different i must say.. It took about an hour of anticipation and questioning possibility before i finally committed. I found myself in a moment being inhibited by fear, fear of what i was going to experience, it wasnt a good feeling because i really felt the need to exercise and was feeling betrayed by my hesitation. I was eventually able to identify that fear was present and reconciled with myself. I realized that i would gain more by making an attempt, that is was the only way to truly know what was possible. So i suited up in appropriate gear and stepped outside, I Felt like i was moving against a force.. When i was running my body felt stuck like i was experiencing stronger gravity, I could only do 1/3 of the reps i usually do when i exercised in the park .. The cold is a force of nature that demands we slow down.. Yet it is not unmanageable our ancestors didnt stop living in this same cold, they still had to hunt, gather water etc.. We have the ability to endure.. I applied what i experienced today to life.. How fear in anticipation, how worrying steals our power.. A key to empowering self is attempting what we feel moved to do, by releasing fear or anticipation of failure, we will be fed by the outcome

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