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Be Allowing

When we free ourselves from expectations and beliefs that have created definitions of how things “should happen” we create space for things to happen.. when we hold expectations we often experience suffering around our passions and goals because the way they manifest and actualize may not be in alignment with how we have accepted they will. This blocks possibility if we loose excitement if we become disappointed we are squashing creative force and lose motivation. Trust, have faith do the work and understand that what’s meant to be will in its own time, when we are doing what we love the doing is satiating ... desiring recognition is a slippery path that often leads to suffering and dissatisfaction. Yet planting seeds watering them and caring for them doing so in the correct season and environment will become fruitful in their divine life cycle... that is the law of the universe.. enjoy the journey #healingcommunity #creatives #art #inspiration #passion #trust #faith #divinetiming #thelawofallowing #universallaw #daoudsun #reikimaster #spiritualawakening #spiritualguidance #enjoythejourney


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