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I've been reiki attuned since September 2005 and am presently a Reiki Level IV Master/Teacher.


Reiki is an ancient energy healing discipline, its methods are recorded in Sanskrit (commonly believed to be the first written language) and has been practiced throughout history.


When someone is a practitioner our chakras have been unlocked and the energy is able to flow from the universe through our crown chakra into our heart chakra and out through our hands. It's shared through laying of hands yet can be sent from a distance through space and time. 


The reiki experience varies, it is common to feel heat from the hands of the practitioner.


Full Sessions usually last 1.5 to 2 hrs.


Hands are placed at a series of energy points on the front and back of the body.


Reiki inspires emotional, spiritual, physical, energetic and psychological healing.

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