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Are we being real with ourselves?

Been taking a deep look at myself at my living at what I have come to believe the story I tell about this life. I have arrived at some questions.,Are we at peace? at ease? content? in joy? living harmoniously? Or maybe that’s an unrealistic view of being enlightened woke or aware. some say being awake is to suffer in knowing what most don’t .. some separate themselves to be in a heightened consciousness .. some

Like Buddha walk among the people an ease with self and the conditions of others... which way is the way? Maybe different for the individual yet it I believe it’s important to choose it with awareness. Who do we wish to be and how are we serving that choice,are we choosing in a way that enable us to live into our vision? #healingcommunity #mindfulness #selfaware #lookinthemirror #daoudsun #teach #selfstudy #emptythecup #growth #healing #reiki #woke #spiritualawakening


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