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Everything is spiritual

Many of us believe spiritually is something that we do.. that it is an activity.. that is a great misconception directly connected to the ideas linked to attending church and saving connections with divinity for something done on sunday after a week of giving attention to everything but spirit..

Spiritually in my understanding is a way of being, it is a relationship with life and nature, an observation of self and phenomena. A state of nakedness and authenticity..

Western psychology has taught us to compartmentalize life, that we are separated by flesh from all else.. when in fact we are all connected energetically..

When we free ourselves from this thinking we open ourselves to connection to oneness, to the understanding that everything is spiritual and that there are no secrets, that we are always seen and heard and that what we do has a direct impact on not only our experiences, that our thoughts and actions impact the whole...

When we all share remembrance of the reality that all is connected, we will begin to be and live with the responsibility that we are accountable to more than ourselves...


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