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Toronto, CA

"Daoud’s is very gifted and is dedicated to the healing arts. I suffered from post traumatic stress disorder after a bike collision. Going in, I had no idea what an impact Reiki would have psychologically and physiologically. During our sessions, I experienced REM sleep within 15 minutes, Reiki put me at ease and healing commenced. Give it a chance, you have nothing to lose. "

  • Holistic Practitioner Selena Ayala


Rio De janeiro , Brazil

"My Reiki session with Daoud was both healing and affirming of other roads to healing I have taken in my life.  My experience was transcendental and physically awakening in its effects.  I left feeling lifted, accountable, relaxed and clear.  Particularly effective to my session, was speaking a bit beforehand with Daoud, so I felt clear in my focus for the session.  It’s hard to put into words what healing feels like, because everyone’s experience will be different, but healing with Daoud will always be profound because of his innate connection to living out his abilities of spiritual and physical mending."

Asiah C


Reiki session with Daoud was magical. He takes his time explaining reiki to you and how he got into it. You can trully feel like he doesn’t move from a place of ego but rather empathy and gratitude. My session with Daoud really confirmed for me that all the colors I had seen as a child in my dream space/other realm was indeed real. This was very comforting for me because prior to that I felt weird/odd that I couldn’t share this. I look forward to recieveing another session with this practioner again and highly recommend his services.


Asiah C



Just wanted to say thank you again for the talk and healing. Very fortifying and healing on many levels. Every soul in Brooklyn needs to lay in your healing hands. My entire outlook about my gifts, spiritual journey and even some things of the romantic variety feel lighter and I have more clarity in general. As you know, I came in with that Supermoon making me an emotional wreck and once I left I was high above the clouds. Insta-Healing. It was also lovely to work with such divine masculine energy and a fellow Empath. Truly I thank you.

Tami Tsansai

Kingston, Jamaica

I'm honoured to say my first reiki session was beautyfull, and it was with Daoud. Unlike anything I've ever done - a very sensory and enlightening experience that he aptly prepared me for, seeing as my vague prior understanding of the process was 'something like a spiritual chakra massage, without touching.' 


His expertise is unquestionable, but what I appreciate most was his gentleness in explaining the process, helping me decode the messages I channeled and ensuring I was always comfortable. Trust me, get a reiki session, it's worth every cent and more! =)



Tami Tsansai

Author |  Activist | Creative

Holley M.

Oakland, CA

I came to Daoud in January when I was going through a challenging time professionally and personally. He listened intently as I shared what I was experiencing and before we started the session, he thoughtfully explained his process. As someone who is generally guarded and private, what I appreciated most was the safe, trusting and nurturing space he created that really made it easy to let go.


Immediately after the session, I could feel how much had shifted. I found myself releasing things I was beating myself up for and finally connecting the dots on things I was missing. My focus and productivity skyrocketed and the absence of anxiety helped me make some really liberating and necessary decisions. Overall, I was much happier and lighter.


Since then, whenever I'm in town now I make a point to set up a session to recharge and I truly can't thank Daoud enough for being the conduit that helped bring me back to myself. 


- Holley M.


Harlem, NY

" I had an a really sore achilles heel and I scheduled a session with Daoud. Not only did the soreness go away, in addition it opened me up to other items in my life and help shifting my mindset with abundance and supported being in a space of love. Daoud provides a space of vulnerability in a loving way to channel into your soul energy and align you to walk in your purpose in this life. " -René John-Sandy II


Bronx. NY

I met Daoud some 20 something years ago, back in college when he was doing film and I was doing fashion design up at Syracuse University. His presence then was so captivating to me, I knew he was of a special kind just as a young man and also as an artist. Life happened and I left school but never forgot him. Fast forward to now and as Facebook reconnected us, I had the opportunity to see him grow within his travels and admire his work within the arts, fashion, film, music, and with children. As I saw him connect to his loving spirit and advise others on what it is to find balance, I knew then that he had reached his peak of success! When I found out that what he had learned across his travels lead him to become a master reiki healer, being that I have become a holistic bodyworker myself, I had to ask for his help! As most therapists experience growth so do we experience a need to overcome a lot of pain and suffering both from our own backgrounds as well as from working on others. I needed help sincerely and knew of no one else I would trust with this type of movement other than Daoud. I managed to convince him to visit me in home and he made his way up to the Bronx to help me. I was so grateful. When he came in, I felt right away that he had become a spirit whose space was a clear stage for me to feel safe on. He was free enough of burden to connect with my grieving heart and allow true peace to resonate around me and within my home. His understanding of my pain was very kind and respectful, His work is to be respected and enjoyed as he is surely a facilitator of harmony within. His assessment was spot on and his recommendations are leading me to continue on with my own spiritual quest to find joy and reconnect with my creative purpose in this life. I would recommend him to everyone and anyone who is in need of overcoming something great and looking for an Earthbound God healer here in the city. From the Bronx to Brooklyn, you're the real deal brother. Thank you again! Although I know this will take me some more time, I'm feeling more inspired and motivated then I have in a very long while!  Book him today. 


Brooklyn, NY

"I started Reiki sessions with Daoud 8 months ago. At that time, I was in a bad place emotionally and I was having a hard time getting myself out of it.  Understanding this intuitively, Daoud embraced me with calming, safe, gentle and comforting healing energy. As our sessions progressed and I became more receptive to the healing energy, I felt an incredible transformation occurring from within.  Although I am in such a different mind-set than I was when I first started my reiki sessions, I continue to go to reiki. It has really changed the way I approach and experience the world. It has allowed me to meditate and tap into other states of consciousness. I feel very blessed for meeting Daoud – he’s a beautiful being with an amazing gift that he humbly and generously shares with me."


Brooklyn, NY


My first sensation after my Reiki session with Daoud was a feeling of complete relaxation.  It was like I had an internal massage.  You know that relaxed and worked but light feeling you get after a massage?  It was like that but different, because the next 20 minutes was a journey of total recall.   It was then that I realize I had been on a metaphysical journey that had a range of feelings and sensations.  Notice I didn't say "thoughts"?  It was a nice break from the concerns of this world...Daoud's work took me on a journey into my innerverse and explore some things that were working well (in which I experienced enlightenment) and other areas that needed some work (in which I received healing and instruction).  I can also attest that Daoud created an atmosphere through ritual that easily transitioned me into a state that was prepared to receive the experience.  The session was an hour, but it felt like four (hyperbolic time chamber anyone?).  I've known Daoud for over 20 years and I have watched his evolution into a healer and I can say wholeheartedly that my session wasn't conducted by my "friend" or "collaborator" but rather with a Reiki master."


 --  Dahkil Hausif

     Writer, Director, Editor, Professional Storyteller



Kingston, JA

I've wanted to try Reiki for years, but after my first session with Daoud a year ago, I totally got why he was supposed to be the first healer to share that type of energy medicine with me. And I'm beyond grateful that it manifested exactly when it did.


A week before the session, my body was giving me subtle signals that something was affecting one side of my head, and needed some attention. I had no clue what it could've been because the feelings were unfamiliar to me.


During my session with Daoud, he worked on & over my head for quite a while in the beginning. I remember the sensations... shifting vibrations... and entering into a deeply relaxed state in a short time. A lot happened on an energetic level throughout the process, that I honestly don't have the words to describe.


In his presence, I felt safe, comfortable and nurtured... like I was intentionally being held in sacred space.

He's a trusted light-worker who I feel also walks with that crucial balance of knowing & working with the shadow as well. This awareness allows for a deeper level of sensitivity within his practice... which is something that I honour and appreciate.

After the session, I flew back home to Jamaica later that night, and 2 days afterwards I started to suffer from a major sinus infection on the same side of my head. I'd never experienced anything like that before. The pain and discomfort were ridiculous. 


Things got really bad before they got better. I had to get to the root of the issue... which was way beyond just what physically manifested in the form of an infection... and nasal polyps. I had to work my way through... day by day. I refused to have surgery (as suggested by the ENT specialist) and take any more medication (that my body was rejecting).


It took months of personal change and discipline... including a major revamp of my vegan diet & self-care practice. I'm grateful to still be on that journey... still learning. I have a much different relationship with my body now... learning how to listen more to what it's asking for. 


For me, reiki was a crucial catalyst... to help me bring lingering issues to the forefront... to help me release some things that truly weren't serving my highest self - things that were literally & physically blocking proper energy flow... and for me to change my lifestyle for the best. Thankfully, it's a regular part of my healing regimen now.


One year later, I returned to Brooklyn and had another session with Daoud.


On both occasions I remember that right before he began, while I was on the table with my eyes closed, he asked: "Are you ready?".


At that moment, in retrospect... it felt like an agreement of sorts. As if he was asking me... not if I'm ready for him to heal me, but if I'm ready to begin my own healing work, and fully show up for myself. 


What I sincerely feel, is that if you create the space for yourSelf and your healing

... if you trust the wisdom & guidance system of your body

... and stay open

... and allow him to offer his gift to you

... shifts will occur.


And as a true healer, if you will it to be, he can gently... eventually... guide you along pathways, whether consciously or subconsciously, for you to heal yourself.


The choice, and the journey, is all-ways yours.


Brooklyn , NY

I have had a few Reiki sessions over the years with other practitioners before so I was not new to it but Daoud is a special person in the way he is able channel it in such a powerful way. Daoud's vibe is that of a true shaman his healing techniques helped to clear blockages in my energy field related to a recurring issue with my stomach due to Chrohn's disease and freed me of burdens and stress.  The session put me into a very deep relaxed state and I emerged from it calmer and centered. He relayed to me what he noticed were areas I need to pay attention to and what I can do to fortify them. I later went with my girlfriend to take Kirlian aura photos in Chinatown after the session and I was able to also SEE the glow that I felt from the Reiki treatment. I will be back for more Reiki with Daoud !

If anyone you know is going through a tough time - chronic ailment, relationship issues , a stressful job situation etc. - and you want to help them with something edifying to their Soul, give them a session with Daoud , it's a Powerful gift.

                                                                                            - D.Groves



Saint Andrew, Jamaica

"The first time I experienced Reiki with Daoud  I had  a hideous leg injury that I had received while working with kids at camp. He laid his hands on the injury for about 30 mins and the next morning when I woke up it was completely gone. Since then I have incorporated Reiki into my general wellness practice. I've had sessions to align my chakras and assist with managing my fatigue. I also booked a session during a painful breakup to help stay grounded and sooth my heart. It was a great gift to self. My daughter has also received Reiki. She has asthma and Daoud has helped her to develop a healing mantra to sooth herself when things flare up. I look forward to taking a class soon and exploring how I can work with Reiki as part of my families self-love/self-healing practice. Thank you for your generous service Daoud."


Bronx, NY

"Daoud was the first time I had ever experienced reiki, and it was more than I anticipated. 

Such a compassionate and healing heart. I arrived during a vulnerable time emotionally, and was apprehensive of how much I'd have to open. Everything from the environment, to Daoud actually performing the reiki was skilled and in tuned. Very grateful for the experience. "





"I've been blessed to have had several healing sessions with Daoud over the years. My very first reiki session with him was after being in two car accidents, two weeks apart and suffering from intense whiplash. During the session, I could physically feel the pain dissolving under his gifted hands and have trusted him ever since. Daoud always has his clients best interest at heart and is committed to healing people unconditionally.  He is very patient, attentive and a natural healer. "


Bronx, NY

"In a dark transitionary period Daoud allowed me the space to see how important family is to me. His light guided me to connect with my own light. His healing of the energies in my body allowed me to reconnect with my source: Love. Ultimately, giving me an experience of being free and at peace. "

S. Meiling


"So far I have had three reiki sessions with Daoud and they have all been extremely different soul opening experiences. The first time I was told to not expect anything, and that was the best advice that I could have received. It was an absolutely sensational and transformational session. The two after were equally as powerful, just in different ways. When our sessions are over, Daoud always allows me the time to sit, reflect, speak and settle into my feelings. Not only is he an open ear to my experience, he also offers his insight into what he was going through on his end, which is always so insightful and helpful. Each time I leave our sessions, I feel intense shifting throughout the day, and overall I feel lighter, more calm, reflective and powerful. I think this practice is a wonderful addition to the personal work that I do, and am thankful for Daoud sharing and shining his gift of reiki healing. "


S Meiling



"I came to Daoud during a curious, yet determined time.  Approaching my 30s, I was determined to get to know myself on another level- I desired a renewal of my spirit and to embrace a new idea of love. I was ready to reject some beliefs and life choices that were no longer serving me, but the task felt daunting. Reiki was something I was both curious and skeptical about, and I opened myself up to its healing. Daoud humbly educated me, established a comfort level, and answered my questions. My first session was such a unique experience for me- giving me the mirror I needed reflect on my communication in challenging relationships.  


My sessions have been different each time despite my intentions or expectations-- to echo wise words, "the energy may not give you what you want or expect, but it gives you what you need."   Since I have began to practice meditation and attend sessions with Daoud, I am beginning to see myself differently, love more openly, and feel a greater sense of purpose and understanding. Reiki is healing and self love, and Daoud is my healer." -JL


Brooklyn, NY

"I must say there was some initial hesitance on my part with the sharing and receiving of energies, but after learning about the kind of person you are and how you carry yourself it was a no-brainer. The experience was very refreshing and tranquil -   physically my body felt lighter and my mind was clear. I have found another means to recharge my spiritual/energy state."

Love is Love,
Ellison D.R.


Brooklyn, NY

"The art of healing is something I have been drawn to since adolescence. But up until encountering Daoud, I had only one experience with Reiki by someone who was still in training. Following that experience I felt discontent and realized just how much one needs to trust the healer and the extent of their practice before opening themselves energetically to anyone, or anything. 


Immediately after sharing words with Daoud, I knew his entire essence, so therefore craft and gift, were far more than just "new age" fads. This is a muse of dynamic and multidimensional healing energy with wisdom that transcends this generation, by far. 


He's honored by many people I know, as well as myself, for his grace, understanding, and undeniable gravitational pull. 


For the Reiki experience itself, everyone's journey is unique but what I can say is that each session leaves me with a renewed sense of awareness and centering. Our sessions have been profound for me, I walk (actually float) away with something physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually refreshing. 


As an energetic practitioner, I can't say enough about his mastery and level of knowledge. I have, and will continue to, refer my loved ones and anyone in my life that is searching for transformational healing and groundbreaking wellness. We owe it to ourselves to let go & live-out the heal in our health. Peace. "





Brooklyn, NY

"My healing experience with Daoud was nothing short of magical! I felt so protected and comfortable during the entire process, my glow was so strong from my energy cleansing, that everyone noticed. It's like getting a facelift in your chakra zones! I highly recommend taking the time to love yourself, with the healing hands of Daoud Abeid."



Brooklyn, NY

"Reiki has been one of the most transformational exploration I've lived. I've learned that an essential part of the effectiveness of energy work is being inspired to engage with the practitioner while being fully open to the experience. The co-creativeness of Daoud's approach to his practice has allowed me to release many preexisting blockages and further activate the potential for a more harmonious existence. Daoud creates a inviting, nurturing, and safe space for healing. His authentic presence, insightful and intuitive nature offers the possibility for a reciprocal energetic exchange during each session.  Shortly after each of our sessions, opportunities have appeared in my life to identify and confront suppressed emotions.  I attribute a lot of my recent personal growth, successes, and self actualization to reiki. I'm also able to live with a greater sense of allowance, trusting in flow, and transcending challenges with more ease than ever before. As a result, I've been able make progress in cultivating more loving and compassionate relationships with myself and others. Reiki has created a portal for a deeper connection with source and tapping into my higher self. I highly recommend Daoud's services to anyone seeking to activate and maintain a heart-based life."




"In my personal opinion Daoud Abeid's reiki work is healing, I always advise everyone whenever they are midst an internal &/or external spiritual warfare. His approach to the services he provides, allows you to be taken into consideration as an encompassing primary factor. His delivery on the spiritual outtake is of great satisfaction. Once you, grasp or have grasped a particular amount of awareness towards continuing the progression of your journey's evolutionary consciousness. "


Queens, NY

"Hi. My name is Zenda. I have had the blessing of receiving Reiki from Daoud . Before my Reiki session I'd been on a path of soul searching to uncover obstacles that I knew were blocking my spiritual awakening to peace. There was an uneasy feeling deep down in my soul I needed to face and conquer. My Reiki session entailed me first speaking with Daoud about where I thought the uneasiness was coming from. At first it was difficult to open up because it had to do with a trauma I went through with a family member. Daoud's energy and heart is so peaceful, loving, honest and nonjudgmental that I began to open up feeling safe and secure. The Reiki session was right where I was supposed to be! The session itself was amazing. It was like going on a journey wrapped in healing energy. I began to feel as though I was floating in an abundance of light, serenity, love and healing calm. At some point my left leg begun to jump and no matter how hard I tried to not give it attention it continued to jump throughout the session. After the session was done I felt weightless and bright. I had a sense of freedom and a overwhelming feeling of pure love and healing throughout my spirit. I asked Daoud about the movement in my left leg, energetically I was stomping out the negative energies and situations that had taken place in my life, not letting them defeat me. What a welcoming revelation! I'm still stomping!!!  Reiki is nothing like what I thought it would be. Reiki is truly a vehicle to cleanse the negativity and blockages that can get stuck in our bodies and psyche. That session unleashed blockages that has allowed me to continue on this amazing path of rediscovering my true self! Daoud you are a teacher, healer, spiritual guide but mostly a master of what true caring and unconditional giving of ones self to bring peace,healing, harmony and enlightened love to others!!!! You were blessed to do this work and I'm so grateful that you shared your gift with me!!! Namaste Daoud "

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