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Healing The Soul Through Relationship

Such a profound, dynamic, scary, freeing and transformative journey... While we are here, being human relationship is our greatest teacher, the reflective contrast that it provides, the far from subtle almost confrontational mirroring of ourself in the other.. It is the beautiful struggle the lol rude awakening.. We experience hurt that is inspired by the other yet rooted in self, we have buttons pushed that we didn't know were there.. We are given the wonderful opportunity to step into a power that was dormant to embrace and release, to shed and grow.. I believe we choose our family, we choose our lovers our friends even our nemesis.. Our soul is active conscious and aware and creating our path orchestrating it in a timeless space that manifests our reality, that crafts our story.. When we are open we are able to receive the blessings without having to blindly repeat the lesson, or we repeat the lesson until we open to the blessing.. Its all good, on time, intune.. We are each awakening to ourselves in our own divine pace.. Have faith, there is reason, we must open to whats there, be with what is, and become what we need to be for ourself, so that we can lovingly share with the other.. That is another ourself..


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