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What is Perfection?

Perfection, expectation, ideals, agreements, standards, comparrison these concepts and aspects of our human experience greatly affect the way we experience our journey... By what do we measure self? Others? The value and quality of #relationships of our life's work? When i was younger i spent a lot of time comparing judging self and others by external factors, by other people's journies or by standards i was taught to embrace or live up to. I made choices based upon how i thought others would receive them. Even my most personal experiences, the most intimate were shadowed by what i thought others may think. I was not free, i was not truly authentically honoring myself, my #heart my #soul . As i grew to embrace and acknowledge my power, my true inner self. As i began to listen and surrender to the divine guidance of soul, i became more and more free, more #balanced #happy #sure . We serve self to embrace our own perfection to see the best part of self & all we encounter. To see all for what it is, and choose it or not. "Is this good for me right now, am I hurting or loving myself?" is the ultimate question . "I love myself, I am perfectly myself, always doing my best, i learn grow and become better with each experience" is the mantra

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