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This Reiki Healing Journey

Peace its been ten years now that i have been on this healing journey with reiki, after a decade i am still in awe, amazed by the things that occur. There is so much more to the human experience than what we are commonly taught. We are so much more than brains and bodies.. #spirit & #energy the #conscience the #soul are real and play a major role in how we experience life.. So often due to trauma socialization and ignoring our #intuitionmany of us find ourself in a state of dis-ease of some sort, we can heal if we change our habits and beliefs. This is where i find #reiki helps, it often inspires a meditative state, enables an #awareness in which we can become present to what may be the root of our issue, it creates clearing so that we can focus on our own #healingand begin a positive relationship with the process.. Our healing is our own, to heal to be clear, to be #empowered we must first #believe in the #possibility then take action.. I find that reiki helps to remove energetic roadblocks so that we can become freer to be ourselves, powerful healthy self loving ourselves...

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