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Step by Step We Grow

As we leave the winter solstice on this full moon night ending this 70 degree nyc xmas eve.. As we near a new calendar year, I sit and reflect upon the "imperfectness" of life, the unpredictability of the universe, impermanence of ideals and ideas and embrace all of these things within myself... I am a human being am i not? I am revered by some, respected, artist, designer, teacher, leader, healer, son, example. Yet i have also been an enemy, i have dissapointed, i have hurt, i have broken hearts. I am flawed, I am! I do not always have the answers, i do not always make the "best" choices. I have let people down who love me. I have broken my word, not kept promises, dropped the ball, I have been scared, comfused, I am human. I am learning, i am growing, i am shedding, healing.. And i embrace this.. I understand that how we occur to others is relative to our experience with them.. That for some we expose our worst part, are most troubled and imperfect dark attributes, that some are catalysts for our darkness.. And some are inspirations of our light.. And there are few who inspire our totality who experience all that we are. And it all is ok because it is life, it is what it is.. What i do embrace is that it is all good for me, it is the lessons of life school, it is my journey.. A cocreated journey in which all involved are getting what we need even if it sucks.. I trust that all suffering is enlightening, it is freeing, it is empowering and i am grateful. Thank you for these lessons, thankful for these challenges .. Please forgive me, i love you.. I am excited to live this life, right now as it is, with all that it is.. Duality in balance is the nature of being.. In hale exhale, hot cold, female male, dark light, good evil.. There is no one without the other.. Step by step we grow.. I write this to share, to teach to inspire, we are here to learn from each other, i do not seek sympathy or attention or affirmation.. I simply give what i feel inspired to give.. I am doing my best and strive to be better each moment.. Thank you for your role

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