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What does control mean? Being in control? I believe it is an illusion a flawed concept our society teaches us and our ego attempts to realize/ perpetuate... when we need to be in control, I feel it means we are afraid, we lack faith in the possibilities that are to come, we doubt they will serve us so we "make what we want happen.." I am beginning to see an era in this way of thinking and being, I believing that I can control what I do not, what I do not fully understand... martial arts has taught me that control is often going with the flow, guiding the attacker in Harmony with their motion in a way that they are unaware of what you are doing, they feed our intention and we guide the energy so that we can create an outcome that serves us... what I'm saying is it's a dance, "control" is going with the flow with intention it requires awareness and sensitivity and practice, which leads to mastery... we can not control the beast, yet we can make choices that leads to a reality that best serves all involved.. and sometimes we just have to feed the beast and it becomes a friend...control is not domination, it is a co-creation that feeds peace .. #control #ego #gowiththeflow #selflove #ego #shadowself #harmony #balance #lightanddark #selfdefense #daoudsun #knowyourbeast #reikimaster #reiki #martialarts #astreamofconsciousness #catpeople


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