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The responsibility of a healer

Now that spirituality and ancient healing modalities have become popular and commodified it’s time we have this discussion. Energy is real, spirit is real magic is real. There is a light and dark side to all things. When we facilitate healing we serve ourselves to be mindful of the energy we are opening ourselves to. Unfortunately many teachers of reiki etc fail to educate themselves and their student about the spiritual aspects of this work, leaving self and those they are instructing open to forces they are likely not prepared to process. I myself early in my practice became sick twice due to working with others, and sometimes i must rest afterwards. This led me to consult teachers from indigenous and ancient spiritual practices to learn how to protect and cleanse myself. This work should not be taken lightly. If you choose to accept this responsibility make sure you are preparing self for what you may encounter. Strengthen your vessel, your own body must be well to take on the wellness of others. Vet your clients create protection in your work spaces. Clean self after and most importantly take your time. Study develop a sensitivity by working only on those you have an intimate and energetic relationship with for the first year. What’s the point of “helping” others if we are harming ourself. #healingcommunity #healers #reiki #reikimaster #spiritualawareness #healingenergy #spiritualcontracts #soulcontracts #energeticattachment #spiritualcleansing #respect #karma #tradition #study #daoudsun #theway #spirituallaw 

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