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Our healing is our own..

Our healing is our own, it is an act of nurturing self love... when we accept the healing path we must understand that we are facilitating others healing of themselves, one must choose and accept or allow their own healing to be healed, often our dis-ease is the product of choice of a reality agreement, often self inflicted suffering due to an inability to let go of a trauma or even from us punishing ourself for choosing a hurtful experience ... it's all choice and co/creation in order to purge that which is uncomfortable we must accept that it no longer serves us, we must let go, forgive.. only then will we let go or purge that thought or reality... illness is not hereditary beliefs and habits that cause illness are.. #selflove #reiki #reikimaster #reikihealing #reikihealer #daoudsun #energetichealing #healingcommunity #lightworker #letitgo #chooselove 

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