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DisHarmony and Happiness

We live in a society that is addicted to feeling bad, to dis-ease in many forms. A society of complaints of being reactionary or celebrated and shared anger. Why do people watch the news? Why do people love reality tv? World star? Unhappy unfulfilled people need others suffering to help them cope with their own unhappiness. It helps them to feel better about their unhappiness about their soul betrayal about their fear based inability to be better for self. What I am Sharing is a bit harsh, yet it's rooted in realizations inspired by living and reflections on my own journey.. I look back to times when anger was normal in my daily life, where being frustrated and annoyed was normal.. I think about the music I liked then, the tv I watched.. The things I chose to focus on in my environment, what I researched and commonly discussed with my peers. When I shifted as a being, when I actively chose healing I no longer felt comfortable with misery, I couldn't even eat the same food. If we desire to feel good, happiness, wellness, harmony. It is imperative we begin to mindfully observe our ways and actions, it is likely necessary we transform our habits and create a culture that inspires being well. Be well

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