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The Partner We Choose

This reminds me so much of what 2015 Inspired in my awareness of self.. And what an amazing journey it is.. To choose to become a better ourself, through the inspiration reflected by a powerful woman (or man) of virtue.. To have a someone in your life you respect enough to take heed of their criticism, their remarks and their affirmation and encouragement.. This is how we become better, when we walk with someone who we can not disregard as "crazy" or "not knowing what they're talking about" its a blessing that helps us look within to see the core of our being of our soul, to question nature and nurture, to ask ourself the real questions.. To be willing to accept we may need to let somethings go, we may need to strengthen other things.. We may need to transform ourself.. Its a beautiful adventure.. Not for the weak. It takes courage and faith.. I thank my partner for accompanying me on this journey. Brothers, sisters.. Do your self a favor, be with those that help you to be better.. If we are not growing we are wasting our time.. Those of you on this journey I salute you

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