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illusion of individuality

We must become conscious aware and responcible of our contributions to our detriment. It is time to become better, the time is now to inspire great change. Our present cultural and religious beliefs have removed our power from ourselves, we must claim our spiritual sovereignty, only then will know our true power and our ability to heal ourselves, lead ourselves, save ourselves. All within and of nature is our family, many of us have forsaken and forgotten our relatives, our roots , it is time to reconnect, to embrace us all and heal us ALL.. Modern culture, media, ideology has infected us with ego and self centeredness, and many fail to see our contribution to our self destruction, this can be healed, we can regain our connection if we only be still and allow self to know and love ourself. Just as many of us believe the illusion that the continents are individual, yet they are truly one connected under the water and are in fact all a part of the earth, the whole. We too are spiritually connected. We must abandon the illusion of the individual, we are each cells of the earthly body, of the one cosmic body, we are united energetically yet we must become aware and unite consciously. We collectively have the power to influence great change, we simply need to agree and believe, and it shall be...Do something to love self that also contributes to the greater good of all each day, this is how we restore our faith in one another and revive universal love and appreciation of the all. Great change begins with a single thought.



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