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Peace, I'm sharing a piece of some of my writing, maybe a book is forming...."The idea of love.... Often in life i have found self at a place challenged by love, often only when experiencing mirroring of self through another, that is worthy of enduring some discomfort, due to a great possibility for harmony and mutual growth, yet those challenging moments are not fun. They commonly involve miscommunication regarding our commitment to honoring the other and ourself, what the relationship looks like, how the idea of freedom exists within it. So Why do we find ourself in uncomfortable miscommunications with those we truly wish to feel good with? I feel its our individual ideas of love, our fears, our attachments, ideals, shoulds, woulds and coulds.. Its the social agreements and responsibility we project on one another, the embedded standards of engagement that we have been educated to expect and hold our lovers responsible for, whether they or we have openly agreed to them or not. "It continues with practices i feel we can use to transcend this, i may share in time... Feedback is openly welcomed

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