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May we honor all those who came before us, who strived, survived, prayed, sacrificed, fought so that we can be who we are this day. Hold those spirits in our hearts who fought to their last breath to save their families and defend the sacredness of the land. Embrace the teachings that have been long forgotten yet can be remembered when we are courageous enough to open our hearts to receive them. Send a prayer of pride empathy and support to all our family who were born with medicine gifts, who came here to heal and guide us who are shamed, drugged, emprisoned, hospitalized because they are feared and misunderstood by this society. Send peace and gratitude to our fallen leaders and warriors who suffer in the spirit realms, who hold shame for not having the wisdom to understand the atrocities the europeans were capable of. Say a prayer of atonement, in apology for the deeds of our european ancestors, until those who hold their blood are truly sorry for what they have done to the earth their seed of destruction will continue to grow, sustained by privilege. Be thankful that we are still here, that their plans to wipe us off the earth did not succeed.. We still live, we are powerful, we are remembering and we will soon embrace our greatness and bring balance peace harmony and love to the human family ... peace I am another yourself..

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