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columbus day

10/13/14 say a prayer, sing a song, play an instrument, dance, make an offering In honor of our indigenous ancestors of the americas, Caribbean, polynesia, Australia, new Zealand & those who are still majority or leadership of the lands. Our people were not weak, they were strong people, honorable people. They were not savages, they lived in tune with nature, in balance with the earth, they practiced nature magic and honored the spirits and ancestors, they had what they needed. They were not defeated in war, they were given diseases, their water was poisoned, the buffalo were slaughtered, their crops were burned, the women and children were slaughtered while the warriors were off hunting. They were not drunks, those who were left had broken hearts, their souls mourned deeply. Our women were not disrespected, they were goddesses, mothers, they were our home. Our children were not neglected, they were loved, celebrated, honored, protected. Our men were not weak, they were proud warriors, they loved their people, their families, they protected them, honored the women & children. Our leaders were not fools, they were honest people, who lived by their word, they trusted and could not conceive and man would lie boldly to their face and break their word. Our people honored the land, the animals, the plants,water, sun, moon, insects.. They had great love for the world. They were victims of their good nature, their inability to conceive of the wicked ways of the european imperialists... When you think of our ancestors, honor their strength, their love, their respect and honor of themselves and for all.

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