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Connect with Nature

An embrace of Nature... much of what has us in this mess is our loss of our natural self our connection to soul consciousness.. when we lose touch with our nature we also lose our ability to freely self govern we lose our faith and awareness of intuition instinct an inner spiritual guidance.. in my reiki work I find most are living in their heads and have blockages in their solar plexus and lower two chakras.. this has much to do with city life, with wearing rubber soles and walking on cement, we rarely ground ourselves and touch the earth. if we wish to find balance as a people we must reconnect with nature, walk in the park, be with the trees spend time with animals go camping go to the beach. Eat natural whole foods and drink alive charged water. These activities will help us to recalibrate our selves to balance our awareness and become intune with the universe. Learn to listen, see, hear, feel again... #naturemedicine #healing #humanity #selflove #selfawareness #mindfulness #meditation #reiki #daoudsun #healingcommunity #connectwithnature #soulfood #soulawareness #spiritual #freedom photo by @kwesiabbensetts


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