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Self Awareness & Growth

Who are we? Do we truly know ourselves. In my life journey and self study I have realized that who I am is constantly shifting, that who I believe myself to be often was based on the past, in who I was. I realized that my grasp on beliefs of who I was often overshadow who I was becoming. That it was necessary to question who I believe myself to be, because it in some cases was no longer true. With life and experience we grow, its important that we check in and embrace our growth. Freeing self from the grip of our past that often no longer serves us. Step out of the shadow of yesterday, and step into the you that life is creating.. #selflove #knowledgeofself #selfawareness #healing #healingcommunity #reiki #reikimaster #daoudsun #mindfulness #shadowself #freesom #transformation #metamorphosis 📸 by @georgekabbensetts in the blue mountains Jamaica 

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