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ode to the free

Ode to the livers who honor life and freedom,

ode to the ones who have courageously surrenered to their souls, to the defenders of childhood dreams, to the champions of passion. When you live to win it commonly attracts ridicule, doubt, condemnation. It angers those who have surrendered behind desks, who have traded life for "security," who have agreed to wake up unfulfilled, tired and spend a minimum of 8 hours doing what tired them out the day before, who live in contempt of self and fear of living their dreams.. let their words of discouragement and unhappiness be a reminder of the burdens you will not carry, Be inspired, accept it as affirmation that you are shining light where there was shadows. Our loyalty to freedom feels like a smack in the face to all who have betrayed their hearts and dreams.. When one is acustomed to the dark, sunlight is painful to the eyes.. Lets agree to honor our life! From today forward become dedicated to all that you love, play to win, depression is a bad habit.. Living fully is the best habit. True life inspires JOY!


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John Huron
John Huron
Aug 23, 2021

Great blog yyou have

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