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sexual healing

"Sex!" ... In our world there is a widely practiced misunderstanding in regard to sex and its nature. Many of us have been under the oppression that sex is merely physical, that sex solely a means to pleasure the body. We have been so greatly misinformed, we embrace a sexuality that ignores spirit, only serving the senses and ego.. Sex is a key to our harmony, our awareness of seeing the other in self. It energetically activates a portal, access to creative energy. It begins a process that creates a passage of a soul unto this world. It begins council of our ancestors who begin to attempt to create a harmony by choosing which soul should come to bring our needed lesson and reflection. the sexual engaugement ee create an energetic bond and the more frequent the stronger the attachment can become. In harmonious sex we honor and reflect each other in conscious agreement, mirroring our divinity reciprocally. Yet when Sex is unaware we can have an imbalance in mirroring when one person reveals the others bliss and both come to believe they are the source of that bliss.. The person can believe only that other can activate that bliss unaware that they are actually experiencing themselves. When in harmony there is an understanding that the mirror is there, we love our lover with empathy, pleasuring them as we are pleasuring ourself, creating a blissful loop of energy that activates an energetic openness ultimately unleashing orgasm ... To heal ourselves we must change our selfish predatory approach to sex, when we create understanding we make room for love to be present. And create a possibility to embrace our divinity and be in Bliss...


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