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That space between something and nothing...

That space between something and nothing, being and not being, ourself and us all. We are all cells of the divine body, pieces of the whole, connected to the universal being. Ego identity creates the illusion of the other, that is in fact a reflection of ourself. There is only ourself, which is us all, the unified consciousness, the interwoven toroidal field of all hearts beating with the earths. We can all access this consciousness, this realization that there is only love, only the universal everything. That we all breathe together, that we are made of all that is all.. When we surrender to this original knowing we clear space for vulnerability, for trust, for freedom, for universal divine love and bliss.. See the other as ourself, see the you in all things, connect with all being, find fellowship with the elements. Become immersed is existence, be freed by empathy, empowered by allowing. We create all that we experience our perspective paints the picture, see bad and there will be bad, choose good and find a lesson and blessing in all that occurs.. I love you all because i love myself, we can only give what we have, we can only identify and receive what we know... Know love and be loved.. Peace 🙏💓🌀✨

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