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The Soul Journey, a stream of consciousness...

A steam of consciousness... The journey of the soul, the walk of life... Life is an education. As we experience this physical existence we are enabling our soul to gain a greater understanding of our self, we are choosing and allowing the cultivation of a wisdom and understanding that will transcend a single lifetime, we experience that which we understood was necessary for our development as a infinite being... Life in many ways in a dream to our soul consciousness, in death we again awaken to ourself.. Until we choose to experience the dream again.. Often with the same souls we once shared life with..Many of us are asleep unaware of the existence of our i am consciousness.. We cling to happenings in this life we attach to places, people, feeling that in comparison to true being are but a blink of an eye in the true span of exisence.. Some may identify with this, some may not and its all good, we are all exactly where we need to be. We have chosen our experience and we co-create it with all that we encounter. We attract our experiences... We need them all.. And its all good.. For those who excercise, study, practice we all understand that we dedicate time to repitition, to pain, we struggle at times because it is worth a desired result that it will produce.. This is life.. It is beautiful it is challenging at times, yet we are only getting better, we feel joy at times and that is a reminder of where we all originate.. Live fully, enjoy the journey, be courageous, surrender to heart, honor spirit.. Allow transformation, we can achieve much for soul & spirit in each lifetime.

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