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Healing is a life practice, unlike common belief healing should be our focus when we are well, not our concern once we must repair the damage we have inflicted upon our bodies. We live in a world where we have become ignorant to the relationship between cause and affect and disease. Our bodies are not designed to get sick, if we maintain a focus and discipline off being well we are likely to live healthy lives. The first step is developing an understanding of the science of eating and our bodies relationship with food. Many of us refer to anything we can eat as "food" we regard it as sustenance when in actuality is is destructive to us physically and mentally. Much of the products sold for consumption in todays society are processed, unnatural, they are man made, full of chemicals and fillers, the body was not designed to digest. Our body is an organic machine, we understand that for a standard auto to function it requires power from electricity and combustion, that a car uses gasoline or diesel to run, we would not put coffee or water in our gas tank and expect it to operate properly, many of us put the best quality gas available in our vehicles to ensure they run as long as possible. So why do we humans think that our bodies will run as long as possible if we feed it substances that it was not designed to digest? Ignorance is majorly to blame, convenience is second. If we wish for a healthy life we must eat healthy, that means natural whole foods, one ingredient food, meaning things that do not have a million chemicals in their ingredients. Its best to eat whole fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water, if you eat meats (which are not ideal when the body needs healing) eat organic meat and fish. Give the body food that works with its chemistry that it can identify and process. When the body is supported in this way the immune system can focus strictly on viruses and injuries, free from the distraction of struggling to process all the unnatural foods, it can function and maintain its self. Peace 🙏🌀💓♻️

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