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the stillness

today i found myself become aware that i was feeling heavy, that emotionally and energetically i felt weighed down.. In that moment i chose to be still, to become present to myself so that i could become mindful of what i was carrying that was not my own, what i had agreed to posses that did not come directly from me, the things i co-created that were not serving that i could release it and regain my power... This is an important practice.. Often we can find ourselves in this place, holding a burden for others, that is not directly our own.. Due to our love or compassion for another, or due to fear and guilt.. Either way we do not serve ourself to hold this weight for long, we can lose sight of who we truly are and become used to what we have become, to who we are being told we are.. Meditation is a great tool for self care, a way to reset.. To scan our bodies self asses and notice where we have become tense, where there is dis-ease before it manifests as sickness. When we find ourself in a rut, be still, give self a space to be with self, to check in and surrender to our soul and heart... If we are fortunate enough to have soul family, check in with them ask for what they observe. Working with healers helps also, Reiki, acupuncture, spiritual readings ... freedom in this society requires work, we must swim against the current to return home... Peace 🙏💓🌀✨

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