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Divine Guidance

・・・ Guidance As I continue to do this work i fall deeper and deeper into a faith into a freedom.. My reiki work has been morphing into spiritual council, into life coaching, into advising.. The beautiful part is it requires little thought it is as if the answers just flow and are exactly what the recipient needs.. I trust and it flows..I have faith that i am guided, and i am helping others to embrace they too are not alone. It feels awesome to be able to share, to offer answers and assist others on their journey to self liberation, to spiritual freedom.. I was raised by revolutionaries, by people who were actively working to free our people.. The movement is evolving, if anything is going to change, it will be on a spiritual front. When we help others to awaken to their higher selves we free them from "the matrix" from mental and spiritual slavery.. When more will no longer blindly and fearfully follow, there will be a shift.. When we collectively begin to remember, a new reality will be born.. Anger only creates anger, if we want change we must become different.. Be brave, listen, surrender, meditate, love.. Listen & do.. Be #surrender #theway  

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