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Life Is About Growing...

Life is about growing.. We grow physically, we age... We grow mentally, become wise... We grow spiritually, become free. In life we serve self to discern what type of growth a challenge will inspire... How do we best engage the situation. What tools will we need? What aspect of self will best serve us , to observe how we are being effected. Is it a something that is the source of said challenge or is it how ourself perceives receives or reacts to this occurrence. Is it a time to look within or to place our attention on what is happening externally.. We are multidimensional beings, our conscious covers many realms of existence.. Past present and future.. Do we need to be self loving or compassionate to another. Is what's happening "bad or good" why? And from where does our perception take root? Sometimes we must be rooted in our animal nature, sometimes our heart, sometimes from our logic and sometimes in our spiritual guidance.. Each chakra represents a level of being, of consciousness, each level when mastered opens a state of evolution and ease in our walk. We are multidimensional beings, we must be masters of earth, water, fire and sky..

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