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many suffer from dis-ease these days, we are usually aware once it manifests physically as a sickness as pain, yet disease sickness firsts manifests energetically and emotionally, when we engage thought, feelings, practices, eating, information that does not feel good, that is destructive and obstructs a healthy vibration. If we wish to be well, being well must become a life practice, a living embrace of all that is love and nurturing. To have a healthy body, we must have a healthy mind, by honoring heart and soul... Do what feels good.. What fortifies feeling good.. What makes us feel powerful, whole, well... I dont mean addictions with temporary satisfaction.. Embrace that which is abundant with love and life, breath, exercise, eating well, music, loving relationships, art, dance, children.. There are many practices and disciplines that can help us to align with wellness, meditation, being with nature, healing modalities like reiki & yoga ...

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