program or be programmed

Reading and enjoying this book "program or be programmed." a discussion of how technology is shaping and changing us as beings. How many of us are being trained by convenience and are losing natural abilities of self sufficiency.. We no longer cultivate a useful sense of direction, because we can just use a gps.. We don't have to remember or observe our landscape to be able to locate needs because we just use an app that tells us where the closest dry cleaners is... We are losing our ability to hear the complexity of sounds in analog or live music because our brains and ears are becoming accustomed to the music sound simulation that plays from our devices ... How many of us study topics in depth read books to learn . Or do we just google or Wikipedia to find the single fact of interest.. Do we really take time to learn or just get the quick fix from YouTube and release the info because we can always search it again.. Do we express ourselves authenticity, do we embrace intimacy vulnerability or do we now interact with the versions of ourselves that we intentionally fabricate via social media and dating sites... Are we our profiles our tagged pics our tweets or are they just reflections of aspects of ourselves.. Do we get to really know people's or do we study them online and form opinions based on how we perceive them through our point of view of what they have provided.. Many of us have computers yet few of us create content most of us use them to ingest programming created by others. These are things we may need to look deeply into are we serving our higher self or being lead to serve the agenda of those who program the tech & media

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